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A picture of a water feature done by Water-Rite. Learn more about water features and our landscaping services at Water-Rite, in Vancouver, WANearly every living creature can appreciate water, which is why it is no surprise that many humans will eagerly flock to oceanfront property or something near a river, so there is always water nearby. While the sound of waterfalls or babbling brooks is known to promote tranquility for most of us, none can appreciate it as much as the local flora and fauna do. Depending on your location, you can easily benefit the local wildlife through your own private garden. It may come as no surprise to learn that Water-Rite has valuable information that can help you create the ideal ecosystem for your landscape!

Making an Oasis Part of Your Home

Regardless of whether you have limited space to work with or access to vast acres of land, the size of the water feature you choose needs to be compliant with your ability. Some people have been known to design a breathtaking rose garden that may take hours of upkeep a day, but not everyone has that much time available. Something more intimate, such as a lovely tabletop arrangement, can include exotic-looking aquatic plants. Deciding on a small stand-alone pond in your yard is an excellent method of transitioning yourself into learning about the care of fish.

For those who may not necessarily want a body of freestanding water around their house, there is always the very popular freestanding waterfall option. It can fit in quite well with almost any landscaping project, regardless of the size of the yard. This is one of the best ways to obtain the therapeutic sound of trickling water without the upkeep of a pond. It can be also incorporated into a landscaping option that is friendly for water-loving children and pets to explore. In general, it requires very little maintenance and can be easy to install.

Keeping Your Yard Green

For those who can appreciate the hard work that goes into the upkeep of a yard they can be proud to show off, there may still be some concern about how much water goes into keeping their landscape attractive. The more plants there are, the more you will need. The great part about knowing someone who can tell you how to how to keep your yard vibrant is that there is a strong likelihood they also know how to help you require less water, as well.

With a superior sprinkler system, automation can be essential for both convenience and in conserving water. What many people do not know is that there is also the best time to water your plants. If it has been an exceptionally hot day, by evening, the ground may be cracked and take up more water than it would in the cooler hours of the morning. Alternatively, it can be rather wasteful to spend time watering your yard, and it starts to rain while you are finishing up. With a sprinkler system set to timers, not only does it work with you to plan the optimal time for refreshing your plants, but it can also be programmed to give certain areas more or less attention when needed.

Adding water features to your landscape can be one of the greatest investments for keeping the yard looking incredible. With a vast selection of options to choose from, all it takes is a little imagination to transform your backyard into your idea of paradise. Please stop in and see us at Water-Rite if you would like more information on adding water features to your property, or just give us a call at 360-253-4681 where we will be happy to answer your questions.
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