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Irrigation FAQ's
Vancouver, WA

Q: How will I benefit from an in-ground sprinkler system?

A: When you have an in-ground system a regular watering schedule can be set. Most homes do not consistently water their lawn which results in dead grass, or unhealthy yards. Many families travel during the summer so having an automated in-ground sprinkler system will allow your lawn to be watered and remain healthy while you are gone.

Q: Will the installation crew make a mess of my yard?

A: Water-Rite installation techniques make system installation far less disruptive and messy than in years past. Our crew will leave your yard looking healthy and beautiful when they are finished.

Q: How long does it take to install a sprinkler system?

A: It depends on the size of the area the system will cover. An average size yard (~ 15,000 sq. ft.) can usually be done in a day depending on the situation. A larger lawn can take up to 2 – 4 days.

Q: What type of maintenance does the system require?

A: All systems need to be shut down in the winter. We offer winterization for your system as well.

In addition to winter shut down, parts will wear out over time. Water-Rite uses the highest quality products in the industry to ensure our customers get the maximum lifetime out of their original system. Of course all systems wear out over time, but this depends on many factors such as hours of operation, initial quality of products, weather harshness, corrosive environments, etc.

Q: What products does Water-Rite use?

A: Water-Rite features Rain Bird gear drive sprinkler heads and digital timers, and Rain Bird electric valves and sprayheads. Rain Bird products are considered among the best in the industry.

Q: Will my system continue to run even if it rains a lot?

A: Water-Rite will offer to install a rain sensor with your system. This sensor measures rainfall and will shut your system down if your yard has already received enough water from the rain. We adjust this sensor based on the unique requirements of your yard.

Q: How long and how often should I run my sprinkler system?

A: This depends on your yard and climate, but here are some general guidelines. During normal watering season gear drives run about 30 minutes (less in shady areas), and sprayheads run about 8 to 10 minutes. During the hottest parts of summer the gear drives might increase to as much as 45 to 60 minutes, while the sprayheads will increase to 15 to 20 minutes. During the spring and fall you can probably water every 2 or 3 days. During the summer you should water every day for best results.

Q: What is a backflow device, and why might I need one on my system?

A: A backflow device helps prevent any water from the sprinkler system from getting into the drinking water supply. These devices are required in some areas. Water-Rite is quite familiar with the requirements in the greater Clark County area so we can recommend the appropriate device for your system.

Q: Will watering alone keep my lawn that healthy deep green color?

A: Water is certainly the most important factor in a healthy lawn, but there are other factors that come into play. To achieve optimum results you'll want to use a combination of fertilization and bug control. Contact us to learn what we recommend for your lawn care needs.

Q: Why should I choose Water-Rite to install my system?

A: Water-Rite has a strong reputation in Clark County for doing high quality work. We pay attention to the small details and take great pride in each and every system we install. At Water-Rite most of our employees have over 10 years experience so they'll be able to expertly install your system, and deal with any issues that may arise.

Do it once. Do it Rite. Water-Rite.

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