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Lawn Care Maintenance Vancouver WA

A picture of three kids laying down in the grass. Learn more about lawn care maintenance and our landscaping services at Water-Rite, in Vancouver, WAAt Water-Rite, Inc., we are prepared to answer any questions you may have when it comes to landscaping. We are also ready and able to help you with any problems that may arise as you care for your lawn. Proper and routine maintenance of your lawn is essential for keeping your grass growing and looking its best.

Weed Prevention

To keep your yard beautiful, one of the most important things you can do is act preemptively to ensure that weeds do not gain a foothold in your lawn. For this, we encourage you to look into pre-emergent herbicide. This product is effective at controlling weeds that are hard to eliminate, like crabgrass, by targeting the seeds that would otherwise sprout all over your lawn. To obtain the best results, we recommend that you use pre-emergent herbicide right as spring begins. Make sure to carefully follow the package directions of the herbicide and wear protective clothing so that you can spread it out effectively and safely.

Weed Removal

While prevention is always the best first step, sometimes your lawn comes with weeds that already need tending to. Broadleaf weeds are an especially common variety that includes white-leaf clover, yellow dandelions, and plantain weeds. If there are only a few of these weeds in your lawn, removing them by hand can be enough. But if there are many weeds, we recommend the use of granular weed control products. Selective weed killer can help you overcome this problem in a way that leaves the health of the rest of your lawn unaffected.

Lawn Mowing Tips

Contrary to what you might expect, it can be counterproductive to mow your lawn too thoroughly. Keeping your grass short might seem like a time saver, but this makes it easier for weeds to set root and spread throughout your lawn. By keeping your grass a bit taller, your grass can stay healthy and more resistant to unwanted seeds. We recommend that you try to cut off only a third of the grass blade at any time to control the length of your grass while still keeping it resilient. By following these tips, we guarantee that you will see improvements in the continued health of your lawn.

Watering Your Lawn

The timing of when you water your lawn can be quite influential when it comes to the ongoing fitness of your grass. Nighttime watering can be problematic because the moisture will stay on the lawn for longer, which can result in some grass diseases. Consequently, we recommend that you aim for the early morning so that the sun can help to dry the grass once you are finished. It is also important to give the grass enough water to flourish. Merely wetting down the grass is not enough, so we encourage you to water your lawn for prolonged periods, though not too often. Quality watering sessions are more important than quantity. If you'd like to learn more about the best practices for watering your lawn or if you're considering a sprinkler system, click here.

If you would like to learn more about lawn care maintenance, please call us today at 360-253-4681.
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